GS UK Laser Cutting & Engraving Department

GS UK laser cutting department use all the power of our latest technology to provide a state of the art cutting service.

We at the laser department provide a laser cutting service that covers everything from simple appliqué letters and shapes to complex fashion details that .

Our service can also be combined with embroidery or even laser engraving to produce truly unique results that can drastically reduce run time and save on thread usage..

We provide a service for cutting adhesive backed and heat sealed backed Appliqué letters, numbers and shapes.

Fabrics may be provided by the customer or selected from our range. Shapes of any complexity and and combination can be cut with large or small orders being catered for. Costs are based on the size, complexity and fabric to be cut.

GS Designs also provide a full embroidery digitising design service, enabling us to develop artwork from your ideas.

Using Appliqué shapes can reduce the stitches in a design, cutting both production and design costs.

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Below is a step by step example of how a simple appliqué works

We will use the running stitch or vector file to cut the shape in the desired fabric.On your embroidery machine, your Appliqué placement guide will be sewn.Simply peel of the backing paper & Stick downOnce positioned start the machine.The area will now be secured by a zig zag stitchThe final stage is complete when the shape is fully held down by the satin stitch.

* Embroidery Digitising is also known as Embroidery Punching, Embroidery Digitizing, Jacquard & Thread Art